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Floating Islands for a Sustainable Future

The Dweep is a man-made floating island system designed to survive in the harshest of ocean conditions while providing a modular and flexible platform in the middle of the sea. It’s modular nature enables it to be scaled up to several hectares in size without compromising on structural integrity. We envision the use of several of these large-scale flexible floating structures or Dweeps create artificial land in the ocean to act as the foundation of a truly Ocean-based blue economy.

Our Vision

Ocean of Possibilities

Derived from the sanskrit word for island, dvīpa, Dweep is essentially a man-made floating island in the ocean. With a vision of moving towards an Ocean based economy, the Dweep was developed as an offshoot of the innovations developed at Sea6 Energy to enable large scale ocean agriculture. Utilising the inherent flexibility provided by a tensegrity system, the Dweep is a unique flexible structure designed to conform to the ocean surface without the use of complex joints and using commercially available materials. The Dweep brings in the ability to create large stretches of artificial land on the sea which can be used to harness the potential of the oceans for food, energy and fresh water.

Our Technology

Tension based Floating Islands

Waves and currents constantly alter the ocean surface. The Dweep deals with the challenge of an ever-changing surface by using a tensegrity beam skeleton. A tensegrity beam differs from a regular truss beam in that it is composed of a set of struts and cables arranged in such a way that the cables are maintained purely in tension while the struts remain in compression. Such a beam is capable of extremely high reversible deflections, as it is able to reconfigure its internal configuration quickly in response to external stresses. This feature enables the entire structure to conform to the ocean surface as it encounters waves, resulting in increased lifetimes.

Efficient Stress Distribution

Long lifetime

Low maintenance

The Dweep Advantage

Tension based Floating Islands

Modular & Scalable: Can be installed in a wide range of sizes

Quick installation using Optimized construction processes

High quality Marine grade materials

Robust mathematical design & analysis

Clean Energy

Ocean based Solar Platforms

For many land scarce countries, floating solar provides an economically sustainable alternative. Traditionally, floating solar installations have been limited to inland water bodies such as lakes. The Dweep aims to expand the technology of floating solar to the ocean. The presence of water below regulates the temperature of the panels thus minimizing heat related losses. The Dweep platforms enable us to install systems ranging anywhere from 10 kW to several MWs near islands, coastal cities or any other location on the sea. These Dweeps can also be coupled with other sources of generating clean energy such as Ocean Thermal Energy, Offshore wind turbines and Wave Energy generators to boost power generation from the installed platform.

Clean Water

Offshore Desalination Units

The floating solar Dweeps can be integrated to the floating desalination units to generate drinking water in the middle of the sea. These units can supply water to coastal village communities, towns and can be anchored close small settlements, reducing transportation and distribution charges of both the raw material as well as the purified water. Importantly, the desalination is a clever means of overcoming the seasonality of solar energy as energy generation will be highest during the summers when the demand for the drinking water reaches its peak. This integrated solution is practical solution for land scarce island countries, remote locations and areas with poor infrastructure.

Floating homes and hotels

Floating offshore economic zones and communities

With rising global temperatures, and a growing population, the demand for land at the right location is increasing every day. Until today, the only means of creating land over the Ocean surface was by dredging and reclaiming the Ocean. However. This process is extremely expensive and highly detrimental to the environment. This also leads to unwanted land erosion in other locations which are often difficult to predict. With the Dweep system, such artificial floating islands can be deployed very quickly for a majority of common human activities. These include resorts, offshore stations, processing units, offshore sustainable communities, housing and restaurants. These can be designed to withstand coastal winds, waves and currents. As these structures are do not involves minimal interaction with the seabed which makes the system is environmentally friendly as well.

Our Team & Capabilities

Harnessing oceans for a sustainble future

The team comprises of people with diverse backgrounds such as Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from reputed institutes such as Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Management(IIMs), the National Centre for Biological Sciences and several other reputed institutes across the country.

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